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When VeritAg was still an idea our late colleague, friend and co-founder Pat Poletti proposed the name VeritAg with its meaning of Truth in Agriculture. This was a perfect fit with our goal of being a leading supplier of verification and certification of animals and products,  and the values that guide our beliefs and activities.

 These values are no less important when we act as the link that harnesses the capabilities of the New Zealand veterinary profession for the benefit of important animal health and biosecurity programmes such as our current involvement in work to eradicate M. Bovis.

Our scope has expanded to include evaluation and verification in both the animal products and food spheres – to which we apply the same passion and high standards.

 We are passionate about supporting NZ Inc and the many hard working businesses making a difference, and to bringing the best of our abilities to both public and private sectors often  in complex areas of work. Something we find very rewarding.

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